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We already wrote about blackjack strategy, and here it is the day in the form of look-up tables, exactly where for each pair of cards that you can get the dealer's visible map correct action to be taken. This table is the most important thing about playing blackjack, because you play at this table to note that winning sequences are becoming more and losing less and less.

However it should be noted that even playing at optimal strategy shown in this table will not undo the advantage home, but it will only be reduced to a minimum, and thus increase your chances of winning.

This table is given for a standard set of rules in blackjack (use 4 decks of cards and the dealer stand on soft 17) and changing the rules of the possible change in strategy in some borderline cases. These changes are usually minor and if you want to learn a single table with blackjack strategy by heart, we would recommend you this.

Table is used so that the left side you have pairs of cards that make up your hand (first go hard totals, soft totals, and at the end of couples that can be separated), and above the dealer's visible card. By crossing these two data comes from action you need to do. Hands that are not shown in the table (egg, where the sum of your cards is less than 7) always have the action "Take the map."

The rules of this game read at a glance on our very simple, learn blackjack is not hard fact. The blackjack rules are also very simple in principle, but this straightforward and quick-to-learn rules can also provide players with more complex world of strategy, blackjack system open and exciting moves. To have good money Contests work: Simple Blackjack rules, complex game.

The basic principle of blackjack rules (be it playing in the Live Casino or blackjack online) provides that you can approach with your hand of cards as close as possible to 21 points - in the best case achieve the 21 points exactly - without going over. This applies to real money games as well as the casino blackjack play for free.

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