Guess the catchphrase from the slot machine

From ‘cut the mustard’, to ‘beat around the bush’ – there are some bizarre and brilliant sayings commonly used in the English language.

Many have long and interesting histories. The phrase ‘storm in a teacup’, for instance, was first used by the Lord Chancellor Edward in the 18th century, when he was describing some trouble in the Isle of Man that had been blown out of proportion. The term ‘let the cat out of the bag’ is rumoured to have started up after some olden-day merchants tricked customers into thinking they were buying piglets, by filling bags with stray cats. And the saying ‘dead as a dodo’? Well, that one grew popular after the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, because the classic children’s story features one of the long-extinct birds.

Though you may not have heard about the origins of these catchphrases, you’ve no doubt heard and used them in conversations before. That’s why the guys for the online casino thought it would be fun to set you a little challenge. . .

Below, you’ll see 5 slot machines they’ve designed. It’s your job to guess the popular catchphrase from the symbols on the reels of each. See how many you get right, then pass the quiz on to friends and family members to find out if they can top your score!

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